OPPD Highlights for Green Omaha Coalition, July 2017
Omaha Public Power District has several strategic directives. Per Strategic Directive 7, Environmental Stewardship, OPPD is committed to operate OPPD in an environmentally sensitive manner. As part of the directive:

  1. The Board establishes that a long-term goal of at least 30% of retail energy sales shall be supplied from renewable energy resources.
    • 2017 projection at 34% of retail sales
    • 2020 projection of 51% of retail sales
    • OPPD has 10 wind facilities and some hydro power, all totaling 900 MW of generation
  2. OPPD shall conduct its business in a manner that meets all environmental regulatory standards and enhances natural resource conservation and stewardship.
    • Updates to OPPD’s Avian Protection Plan are posted at oppd.com
    • Fossil fuel ash continues to be recycled and utilized for beneficial uses (i.e. concrete, fill material for road beds, etc.)
    • OPPD has a robust inventory recovery group and over the last year has recycled millions of pounds of batteries, scrap metal, oil, paper, and poles
    • OPPD encourages customers to go paperless – currently 62,855 (17%) of customers are using this option
  3. OPPD shall participate and provide leadership in the development of national, state, and regional environmental policies and initiatives that support OPPD’s mission.
    • OPPD is actively involved with the American Public Power Council, Large Public Power Council, American Wind Energy Association, Smart Electric Power Alliance, Tree Line USA, Keep Omaha Beautiful and several other organizations for the betterment of our environment
  4. OPPD shall promote efficient use of energy as a Company and by its customer-owners.
    • OPPD to achieve 300 MW of cumulative reduction in demand by 2023
    • In 2015-2016, demand side management savings accounted for 124.9 MW
    • OPPD continuously evaluates and offers cost effective, environmentally sensitive solutions that are desired by customers and produce verifiable savings
  5.  OPPD shall, at the pace of value or in response to actual or anticipated environmental regulatory requirements, incorporate renewable generation into its generation portfolio.
    • Actively evaluating solar potential and additional wind resources
  6. OPPD shall proactively engage its customer-owners and other stakeholders in meeting this directive.
    • Recent stakeholder processes have included the Elkhorn River Valley Transmission Project, Midwest Transmission Project, Sarpy County Transmission Project, 2016 Integrated Resource Plan, 2017 Community Solar, and Holland Meadowlark Amphitheater
    • OPPD has 24/7 availability to provide input and comments and engages stakeholders through OPPDListens.com, our research Power Panel, Twitter, Facebook and OPPDtheWire.com

OPPD – Green Omaha Coalition 2017